Took a projection mapping class at Harvestworks and this is what I ended up with after a few hours of playing with Madmapper and Modul8. Now I wanna VJ some loft parties.

Behind the scenes footage from the Adobe commercial shoot. I’m extremely happy with the addition of a hard black outline mixed with the trail effect that gives the motion tracking a much more fluid and organic quality. Wishing I had permanent access to a space as great as this. Dancers: Leah Ives and Emily Skillings of the A.O. Movement Collective. Music: Idgy Dean. Production: Gravity Sleeps

Design aesthetic created for a project with the #theaomc. Image comparison trick to isolate human body and than run through a cv.jit.binedge object with an oscillating edge value. A few jit.op and cv.jit.ravg objects thrown in to the mix to give it some texture and movement liquidity. May end up using this for a larger projection mapping project involving faces. 

Added a hard black outline, depth mask and managed to make the feedback effect less manic. Can’t wait to play with this in the studio and see people moving in front of it.

Exploring the use of video delay in feedback lines. Dancer S. Sotsky

Trying to create interesting color blend effects, using previous fractal rotation tricks. Dancer: M. Romein and S. Sotsky

More fractal feedback test footage.

Fractal feedback patch. Combines the jit.rota object with the jit.lum object. Applied to a PSA about GI tracts.

Another test video of live projection mapping tool I wrote. Dancer S. Harshberger

Live projection mapping tool I wrote using a Kinect. Dancer: S. Sotsky